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On 2013-01-15 14:23, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote :
> 2013/1/15 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com 
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>     What about suggesting the shops to post their requests to
>     OpenStreetBugs (1)?
> Or offer them a simple dedicated system to edit directly in OSM 
> (something very simple, which offers just the tags that are connected 
> to a certain topic, and which abstracts the tags from them, e.g. a 
> reduced version of potlatch or iD, without the possibility to edit 
> geometry).
Yes, that was also on my mind when I wrote, but I have a tendency to 
suggest the simplest solutions.
What we're talking about now is heading towards assisted or supervised 
tagging, you name it.
Sort of what Google wisely does to prevent anyone destroying Google Maps.

Could (I'm sketching and confessing you my dream :-)) the editors, both 
simplified as you describe and fully featured), work in password-less 
mode (with warning and explanation)? Then, when OSM receives a 
password-less change set, after testing it for coherence, it would not 
apply it but send it to a pool for review?  Reviewers would pick and 
apply them effectively.  The main question is:  would there be enough 
reviewers to do the less enjoyable job of absorbing the input timely?  
One could think of a quota system for everyone to do his homework to 
earn his membership.
I have many reasons (real stories) to believe that something should be 
done also for improving some taggers' competence or taming the flurry of 
careless activity of others.  One idea would be extra validation 
optionally done by OSM itself, much the way JOSM checks the updates 
better than...  But here, the dream is recalled fuzzily to my brain ;-)



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