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Hi folks,

Here is a similar type of infrastructure : pipelines.

"It can be underground, overground and underwater".

Like electric lines, building such things require different techniques
because of location.
Alaska pipeline, mainly overground needs to be heated to avoid oil from
freezing right in the pipe.
Caucasian ones need to be underground.

Different implementations but one only tag. Think about it.

2013/1/17 François Lacombe <francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu>

> I don't see any thing against using level=* to solve some rendering issues.
> Feature-independance is maybe the key for more simplicity and versatility.
> As location=underground is one other example.
> power=cable isn't feature independent at all, are we?
> 2013/1/16 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>
>> I'm somewhat of a tourist in this thread (if you didn't notice) but I
>> can't help wondering why these lines aka cables are not tagged with at
>> least layer=±3 (1).
>> Now, if we do not want the non-specialized renderer to be updated with
>> each new feature, the best is a tag telling whether a underground hidden
>> object has to be rendered with a dotted line. This is not tagging for the
>> renderer (2), it is making an OSMap.
>> This is the same feature-independence reasoning as saying that bridges
>> are black objects a little wider than the road, just that, and tagged at
>> level road-1, thus supporting the road without interrupting nor hiding it
>> (as done at legacy level +1) and extending two black stripes to each side.
>> While bridge=yes was OK, I have had rendering problems with bridge=culvert
>> and I'm wondering why the renderer is messing in the hidden underskirt of a
>> bridge :-)
>> Cheers,
>>   André.
>> (1) which should have been called level in my mind.
>> BTW, wiki/Layer had better say that the ground at Earth surface is layer
>> 0.
>> (2) which is working around its mistakes
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