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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 9 18:29:00 UTC 2013


On 09.07.2013 19:13, alyssa wright wrote:
> Yes, people keep saying that. But as a new editor, my inclination is to
> use approved tags and not ones that are in the proposal stage.

Most new editors (in the "human being" sense) tend to use the tags 
offered by their editors (in the "software" sense).

Which tags are offered by the editors is entirely up to the editor 
coding teams, and different editors will differ in their presets. There 
is no automatism that promotes approved tags to editor presets, and 
there are many non-approved tags in editor presets.

> This is
> consistent in what I've seen anecdotally with new members. This tag has
> yet to go up for a vote. How can it go up for a vote? But then why even
> have a voting process if you're saying extensibly saying it doesn't matter?

Personally, I'd say that a tag going through a successful vote process 
at least means that it's not just something that a lone madperson has 
come up with without talking to others; it's a somewhat-discussed idea, 
and therefore more likely to grab the attention of mappers and editor 
writers, and therefore more likely to become used.

I wouldn't say the process is useless, It is suitable for shining a 
light on a perceived need and possible solutions. The process does not, 
however, have the weight that some people attribute to it; just because 
20 people voted on a new convoluted rule how to code opening times, 
doesn't mean every editor writer will now eagerly implement a new preset 
for that - and just because a proposal was shot down, doesn't mean that 
the tag won't be rendered.


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