[Tagging] Childcare Tag

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 11:24:18 UTC 2013

2013/7/9 Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net>:
> There are no approved tags in OSM. You can use any tag you want,

+1, yes but you have to respect other people's work, and sometimes
these two rules do conflict.

> so if the
> childcare tags suit you, use them.

-1, I wouldn't use the amenity-tag as it will conflict with other
users mapping (e.g. amenity=kindergarten, used 110K times).

> I agree that discussion and documentation are very helpful, but a few
> negative votes (even thousands of negative votes) cannot stop the tag being
> used. There are no tag police, no approval committee and no one with any
> right to force tags to conform. If you use an unusual tag it will simply be
> ignored by renderers and other data consumers, but if it becomes popular
> they may well start to use it. Tag use has to start somewhere and that is
> not simply a vote from a handful of unrepresentative people in the wiki.

You risk to be called a vandal when you start changing existing
objects in order to suit your solitaire idea of how stuff should be
tagged (I am not saying that you or Alyssa have solitaire ideas, but
there are people like that, and there are limits to "every tag you
like"). Of course you can use any tag you like, but sometimes you have
to adopt your way of tagging to how other people tag, namely not
re-using well established keys if there are existing objects you
intend to tag which use tags with the same key but different values.
For instance if you make up a new value for highway you will have to
change existing highway values thereby removing these objects (at
least temporarily if we presume your genius idea of a new highway
class will later be adopted by more people) from most of the maps.
There have been mappers in the past who acted like this, e.g. in
Germany, and they have been blocked for editing the map with any tag
they liked ;-)


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