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Am 09.07.2013 18:50, schrieb alyssa wright:
> On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 12:35 PM, fly 
>> Am 09.07.2013 17:35, schrieb alyssa wright:

> Sorry, I don't really follow. So some questions inline:

My fault, I did not well explain, especially for someone new. - Sorry.

>>> I'm new to this proposed tagging process etc, but I wanted to know what
>>> happened with this childcare tag proposal?
>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/childcare2.0
>> I really do not see any major changes to the rejected version 1 in 2011:
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/childcare
>> My main concern is that deprecating amenity=kindergarden will not work/be
>> accepted and that it is not flexible enough, e.g. you can not use it
>> with other amenities.
> Even if there aren't major changes to the proposals perhaps the needs of
> OSM have shifted since 2011. So not sure I follow on why a previous
> rejection dictates a current one. 

The way, I read understand the rejection is, that the problem was in
finding a good main tag (key) and/or deprecating kindergarden.

But sure, opinions can shift and deprecating amenity=kindergarden would
probably be helping cleaning up as there are definitely wrong mapped

> Which tag isn't flexible enough (not sure what "It" refers to in your
> sentence). It seems like it takes into account the kindergarden scope as
> well as other childcare spaces, such as nursery, orphanage. It allows
> for more specificity than the existing kindergarden tab as well as
> cultural differences. Is it typical for amenity tags to be used with
> other amenities? Is there something in this proposal that stops such
> combinations? I've reviewed amenity=library and amenity=restaurant and
> don't see the difference in approach. But again, I'm new to this so it
> might be more subtle than I realize. 

The main problem is that multi values are allowed on OSM with a
semi-colon as separator but not many consumer are using it. I am not
sure if a tag amenity=childcare;kindergarden would work and I would
avoid it.

>> Best would be to find a better key or prekey to get it working.
> Again, what is "It" referring to here?  And can you give some
> suggestions on how to make the proposal better?

I was thinking about something like social_amenity=* (no good example!)
or adding some key word in front separated with a colon.

I do not find a good example right now, sorry, and I read a bit more and
did change my mind in this point.


In general there seems to be a mix up with amenity=kindergarden which
was used cause by missing alternatives that is why I meanwhile think it
would be worth to deprecate it.

We already have amenity=social_facility which might even conflict with

The proposed tags are not flexible enough to cover mixed situations. I
know a kindergarden with some spaces for under 3-year-olds and after
school assistance plus extra services on school holidays.

Maybe a social_facility is even integrated in the project.

The new proposal should cover this all.


I do not believe in voting but in finding an agreement and a solution.
This often needs more power and time.

Please ask the original author about his proposal and either take over
or develop it together.

Please, first try to clean up and keep on discussing it.


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