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> > It is my understanding that kindergarten means something very different
> in other places of the world. How does OSM account for such cultural
> differences?

Of the solutions, I feel that calling it what it's called locally is
preferable.  Anyone who cares to compare across countries is going to have
to parse the location first *anyway*.

In the USA the grades are well defined:

   - Day care or Nanny Care (from birth)(generally private)
   - Preschool (age acceptance varies based on provider)(generally private)
   - Bridge-K (entry based on readiness)(generally private)
   - Kindergarten (entry based on age)(first universal public option)
   - Elementary (1st through 5th grade)(public option)
   - Middle (6th through 8th grade)(public option)
   - High School (9th through 12th grade also called freshman/sophmore
   /junior/senior)(public option)
   - Community College or College or Vocational School (rare except for a
   few feilds)
   - Masters Program
   - Graduate Program
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