[Tagging] Are addresses features or attributes?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 17:43:04 UTC 2013

2013/7/19 Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com>
> 1. Are addresses features as Pieren suggests? Thus addresses should be
>> mapped separately or at least tagged singularly on the primary object that
>> represents the address.
> 2. Or are addresses attributes (like names) of POIs, buildings, and the
> like? In which case, it would be OK if many POIs are mapped with the same
> addr:housenumbers.

they are both. If you investigated the situation and you are sure that you
can provide a good estimate for a polygon describing an address I'd say
that's preferable and you don't have to add address duplicates to all
features inside this polygon, but mappers should also enter addresses on
nodes when they are not able or willing to investigate further to get this
polygon. In this case also 2 and more POIs sharing the same address should
each get their own set.

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