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Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 12:13:44 UTC 2013

Let me try to clarify this.
In case there are 2 companies stopping at a particular station, they both
might have different properties for that stop: e.g. the names, reference
numbers and zones.

So the zone might depend on the company (both bus transportation), not on
the form of transportation (bus vs. metro). This means that you need to
group those attribute name, route_refs, refs, zones, etc.) per company.

You could either add the company name to the key, create a different node
for each company or maybe use a relation. So I wonder whether it is
sufficient to just add ptv/vline to the key.


> When you need 2 different zones for metro and regional networks you will
> > probably also want to "group" the routes (and other information) that
> fall
> > under each zone system. In that case your keys
> > (public_transport_zone:ptv/vline) are also not sufficient.
> >
> > So you will end up with a relation of type zone in which all the public
> > transport stops are grouped.
> Sorry, I don't really follow that. Routes are relations. But there
> doesn't have to be a relation per zone...I don't think. You could
> render something useful simply by using zone properties on each
> station and piece of track, for instance.
> Steve
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