[Tagging] informal helipads for emergency use

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Fri Mar 29 05:47:01 UTC 2013

Hi Richard,

On 28.03.2013 21:21, Richard Welty wrote:
> in rural areas, these are predetermined locations for helicopters to set
> down to airlift out
> urgent medical cases. they are not generally "official helipads", just
> level grassy areas where
> they have arrangements with the landowner.  generally they also have
> agreed upon names.

> aeroway=helipad
> name=Fred's LZ
> access=no
> emergency=yes
> surface=grass
> does this seem reasonable?

This rendering would cause all maps which do not evaluate your special 
tagging to show up a helipad at these locations.

I have no problem with some special case tagging. But I prefer it in a 
way in which only software evaluating these special cases also renders it.

Make the default case easy. All applications following your idea and 
creating special purpose maps can evaluate more tags. But you can't 
request every data consumer world-wide to know that your new tag is not 
a helipad in the established way but something else, just because it has 
some additional tags which had not been used in this context before.

Could it be stored inside the emergency key?
so leave away the aeroway and store as emergency=helipad?


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