[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Substation Refinement

Ole Nielsen on-osm at xs4all.nl
Tue May 21 21:28:10 UTC 2013

After being developed over a couple of months the Substation Refinement 
proposal is now ready for comments


The proposal is really two proposals in one.

1: New "power=substation" tag for all substations.
First of all it aims at fixing the power=sub_station versus 
power=station dispute. The power=station tag was really created by 
accident (German for substation is "Station") whereas "power station" in 
English actually is a synonym for a power plant. And "sub_station" is 
wrongly spelled. Thus the proposal introduces the new tag 
power=substation for all types of substations to replace the two former 

2: New attributes for substations, new tagging scheme for substation 
The proposal introduces new attributes substation=* and location=* for 
substations. Further it introduces or improves the following tags: 
power=switchgear, line=busbar, line=bay, power=switch, 
power=transformer, power=converter, power=compensator. Various 
attributes for these tags are also defined.

It is possible that a future vote on the proposal will be split into two 
separate votes according to the 'subproposals'.

Ole N

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