[Tagging] "Feature Proposal - RFC - bicycle=use_cycleway

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Wed Nov 13 07:38:47 UTC 2013

Even I am not Pee Wee nor any author of the proposal, but

Am 12.11.2013 19:29, schrieb Dave F.:
> How does this improve mapping/routing over using bicycle=no?
> How does your proposal distinguish the exceptions to the rule that you 
> gave as an example below?

consider a muscular trike, which is clearly classified as a bike and not 
allowed to ride where there is a sign "No bicycle".

The user/router knows, that this trike is not allowed or has to avoid 
simple cycleways - so the router has to use "roads" instead.
But the 'normal' road has a strict bicycle=no now without the sign.

Where shall he ride then?


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