[Tagging] "Feature Proposal - RFC - bicycle=use_cycleway

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Thu Nov 14 11:44:06 UTC 2013

> 2) if the cyclepath is going where you're headed, 
> you are obliged to use the cyclepath, to the 
> exclusion of all other "carriageways"

> I think number 2) is intended here?

Yes, the original was an unreviewed sentence. In the original the "if" only applies to "only", not to "may". 

Normally in routing, the slight preference given to cycleways for a cycling route should weed out the driving on road bits with a parallel cycleway, but because the difference in the edge costs can't be too radical, without the information these tags under discussion try to convey, there are bound to be cases where one either gets illegal routes when the cycleway is somewhat longer, or long detours along cycleways if the edge cost for roads is much higher than the cost for cycleways.


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