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> A discussion on French list seems to enlight a spelling problem about
> telecom=central_office tag.
> Currently, buildings hosting telecom local loops connection nodes are
> tagged with telecom=central_office, mainly in France according to taginfo
> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/telecom#map
> Such connection nodes may concern copper local loops and/or optical local
> loops.
> Is "Central Office" the right english term for all kind of nodes ?
> Can we write "telecom" without and ending *s* ?
> Warn : both optical and copper may be hosted in the same building.

Central Office is a good general term for telecom offices. There specific
types, but central office captures the bulk. Besides copper and fibre,
there is often microwave and probably even some coaxial cable remaining. In
North America, the central offices have a CLLI code assigned to each. It
would be appropriate to add a clli tag. See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLLI_code for more information. For example, I
used to work at mplsmndt01. A multistory building might contain a number of
different clli codes.

In the US, our FCC just announced that they would like to see a transition
from the older legacy switches to IP based switches. But central offices
will remain for sometime.


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