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Manuel Hohmann mhohmann at physnet.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Nov 27 10:25:58 UTC 2013

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> I think it is pointless to continue discussing about a "draw" as
> the rules seem quite clearly to require a majority: "A rule of
> thumb for "enough support" is *8 unanimous approval votes* or *15
> total votes with a majority approval*, but other factors may also
> be considered (such as whether a feature is already in use)."

> the fact that some of the tags you propose are already in use 
> (differently to what you propose) doesn't strengthen the idea that 
> this should be considered approved despite the strong opposition.

Of course I have nowhere written that my proposal has been "approved"
or that it should be considered "approved" - simply because it did not
reach a majority, and there was enough criticism against it. But with
with the same argument one can oppose the statement it would have been
"clearly rejected", since it also received about as much support as

I fully agree with Dan S here: The vote indicates a "maybe, but not in
this exact form", and this is just what I meant by "draw" all the time.

I don't see any reason to discuss this either, since a discussion does
not alter anything here.

> well, this is not an insurmountable hurdle, we should simply pay 
> attention to how we precisely name those tags (e.g. the
> architectural element could be called "roof_lantern").

Sure, I agree.

> these terms IMHO don't fit well under the same key, "lantern" is a 
> type of light defined by the design/construction, while "warning"
> and "aviation" are defined by the scope.

Those were just quick ideas / making up examples. One can probably
find better names for these objects, following the principle of
"carefully choosing" as mentioned above.

> I would go for the "established" "lamp_type" as this is in use and
> has according values.

AFAIK lamp_type is rather used as a sub-tag to highway=street_lamp and
specifies the type of lantern (gaslight, electric...). Using this "on
its own" in the form lamp_type=lantern would hopelessly mix up those
different uses. See
http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/lamp_type#combinations for this.
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