[Tagging] Ferry frequency

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 5 14:02:51 UTC 2013

Am 04.10.2013 00:05, schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:

> maybe you can use service_times? It uses the opening_hours syntax and I
> invented it originally for churches, but it might fit here as well ;-)


we should stick to one syntax if possible and the opening_hours' syntax
already includes all we need.

If you do not like the service_times you could use operating_hours or
similar with the same syntax as opening_hours.

The same is true for service:interval or service_interval. We should
stick to one syntax and do not start adding weekdays or month in the key !
If you look at the ferry tables of the Acores for example, you will find
a big mixture and you might be able to tell how many journeys per month
but you will never have more than one or two and in winter there are non
where as in July and August there are quite a lot.



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