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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 17:50:03 UTC 2013

2013/10/5 Dan S <danstowell+osm at gmail.com>

> > I notice that many users suggest distinguishing between casinos with
> > croupiers, and amusement arcades with just slot machines.

IMHO we should distinguish between "real casinos" and those called for
instance "Automaten Casino" in Germany, but simply for marketing reasons
(there is a huge difference, mainly in how much you can loose in a short
time ;-) ). While of the first ones exist only relatively few and they will
usually also have rooms with games like poker, black jack or roulette, the
latter ones only do have arcade like gambling machines. Both are typically
regulated (in Europe), i.e. there are precise rules how long one game must
take, how much it may cost and how much you will loose in the long run
(e.g. in Germany you will get back 60% of what you put in). Also the "real
Casinos" will usually have slot machines, but they are different kind of
machines, the maximum possible win is more, but will also loose much faster
and bigger amounts of money.

IMHO this differentiation should be made in the main tag, not on subtag

This is an example for what I call a "real casino" (de:Spielbank):

and this for a so-called "Automaten Casino" (de:Spielhalle):

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