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Tue Oct 8 23:35:43 UTC 2013

The Dutch example is based on a local (municipal) ordinance which regulates whether you are allowed to walk your bicycle in this pedestrian zone. So, it is a "real" regulation (but it is not an example of a "bicycle dismount" regulation). 

Bicycles are not allowed at all, so a "bicycle=no" tag could cover that situation, but since it is currently tagged  "highway=pedestrian" that shouldn't be necessary. You won't be routed along that street and you can see if you get there that you are not allowed to walk the bike through it (though some people do, Martin, don't despair!).

But this kind of situation is not covered by the tag bicycle=dismount: that's for when you can continue on a route, but you have to get off the bike and walk it through. In the Netherlands, you will come across temporary signs like that at road works (although their use in those cases is currently deprecated and probably also has no legal force) and there are a limited number of permanent "dismount" signs on cycleways. It is not really clear whether such signs have any legal force either. 

We discussed this on the Dutch forum some time back and I think the consensus was only to tag "bicycle=dismount" where there is an actual sign (and not at every set of steps with a bicycle ramp, which some mappers were doing). Since the signs are really present, I can't see why we would not tag accordingly. I don't see it as a matter of choice. We tag what's there.

>On 8 October 2013 20:15 Matthijs Melissen wrote:
>>On 8 October 2013 19:46, Ole Nielsen wrote:
>>Here is one found in a local shopping centre in Rijswijk (crappy phone photo made in poor lighting).
>> It literally translates to "Forbidden to bring along bicycles by hand"
>Thanks. I also found the relevant regulation: 
> http://decentrale.regelgeving.overheid.nl/cvdr/xhtmloutput/Historie/Rijswijk/107457/107457_1.html
>This is not a traffic regulation, but a city ordinance meant to prevent nuisance.
>Could it be that the German signs are also regulated in local ordinances (I suppose that would be a Polizeiverordnung)?
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