[Tagging] Mapping the Black Forest

Tobias cra_klinrain at gmx.de
Wed Oct 9 14:22:36 UTC 2013

> this is a topic discussed several times in precedence, you can find
> discussions here and also on talk-de (your email suggests you understand
> German). 

I read the last discussion about "natural"/"mapping large areas" a
little bit.

Actually my preparation was mainly based on the missing content at the
wiki. Seems to be as if I could start a some documentation of the
discussions at the lists and other ideas.

> Basically our data model is not very suited to tag large areas,
> and these topographic areas tend to not have sharp borders, so they would
> IMHO request a new datatype.

A datatype for "blurry" large areas or just for blurry areas?

Borders are also multipolygons and of the same size. So the size itself
is not the problem - or is it indeed?

> I might be a better idea to start a parallel project (e.g. with shapefiles
> in a more adequate scale), e.g. starting with natural earths physical
> dataset and adding translations and refinements. This dataset could be
> crowdsourced and distributed in a license compatible with osm in order to
> make them mixable.

A parallel project, let's name it OpenGeoMap, would neccessarily require
to merge the projects in a way that does not bother anybody.

Regarding other natural tags like natural=desert etc and borders such a
project would be a great idea.

Regarding other data types it is not a benefit I would say, because
keeping the data seperated would deny to relate them to each other.

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