[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

Stefan Tiran stefan.tiran at student.tugraz.at
Wed Oct 16 14:06:32 UTC 2013


SomeoneElse wrote:
> Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> I have no doubt that these situations occur, I was only pointing out that 
>> "bicycle" is not the right key to state anything about "pushing a bike" as 
>> this has nothing to do with cycling.
> What about the equivalent situation for horses?
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/29335011
> Although the horse may have different views on the matter, I'd say that this is 
> very definitely related to horseriding. :)

It's even more interesting to consider dogs. Bicycles and horses can
both be considered as means of transportation. Depending on cultural
differences dogs could be considered as pet, food or object, but
definitely not as means of transportation. Then it will become clear,
that in OSM two things are mixed: $entity=no can refer to a ban of
driving it, if $entity is a means of transportation or it can refer to a
ban of it as object, if $entity is not a means of transportation. We now
have to think of a most general way to tag, how to ban an entity as
object if it can be considered as means of transportation.


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