[Tagging] Automatic edit - RFC - Musical instrument

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Mon Oct 21 14:45:53 UTC 2013

Dear all,

# Proposal

I propose to automatically change all objects tagged with
shop=musical_instruments into shop=musical_instrument.

# Rationale

Currently, some shops for music instruments are tagged with the
singular form shop=musical_instrument, while others are tagged with
the plural form shop=musical_instruments. Having only one form makes
life easier for both mappers and data consumers.

I realize that automatic edits are often undesirable. When badly
executed, automatic edits can easily introduce additional mistakes,
especially when executed by mappers without local knowledge. Automatic
edits can also have undesired side-effects. Moreover, automatic edits
might offend mappers who do not agree with the edit.

In particular, I recognize that it is important that:

1. automatic edits have wide community support;
2. automatic edits do not introduce mistakes or otherwise destroy the
work of local mappers.

I believe that in this case, both of these requirements are satisfied.

There is wide community support for the singular form, both by actual
mappers (1356 instances of the singular versus 126 instances of the
plural), and by members of the tagging mailing list (a vote shows that
the singular is preferred by 11 out of 12 voters).

Moreover, the difference is only grammatical, so there is no risk that
mistakes will be introduced.

In addition, I will take the following measurements to minimize the
risk of negative side effects:

- I will follow, of course, the Automated Edits code of conduct and
the Mechanical Edit Policy.
- I have created a page
documenting this automatic edit.
- I will discuss this edit at the tagging mailing list. Although not
formally required, in order to guarantee community support, I will
invite list members to vote on this automatic edit (in a later stage).
I will not proceed without either 8 unanimous approval votes or 15
total votes with 2/3 approval.
- Although not a formal requirement either, I will ask the Data
Working Group for permission before carrying out this edit.

# Technical implementation

- I will use JOSM combined with Overpass.
- I will do this edit within one changeset with tags "mechanical=yes"
and "description=Rename shop=musical_instruments to
shop=musical_instrument, see
- This will be a one-time edit.
- I allow users to opt-out. If users want me not to touch some
objects, please leave the relevant object id's on the linked page, or
contact me by e-mail.

-- Matthijs

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