[Tagging] opening-hours: how to code "always but..."? Syntax diagram.

Eckhart Wörner ewoerner at kde.org
Mon Oct 21 17:07:37 UTC 2013

Hi André,

Am Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013, 19:19:35 schrieb André Pirard:
> […loads of quoted text…]
please do not quote an entire conversation on top of your reply, otherwise people have a hard time finding your actual reply.

> No, that is completely wrong. 24/7 is *not* meant to be used as a building block.
> Where is that explained and is it correctly explained if readers understand it "completely wrong"?

The wiki states "If it is 24 hours 7 days a week [opening_hours] has a specific value: 24/7. this way it can render a specific icon."

> IMHO, the first thing in this discussion is to define what "off" means.

The first thing in this discussion is to *grasp* the meaning of "off", not *define* it. "off" has been in use for quite some time already.
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Time_domains explains quite well how the overall opening_hours syntax works.

> Before I added my diagram, the only things one could find is vague things like that a weekday off is wd off.
> After adding my diagram, one can at last read a definition of "off" to which everyone agreed:

who is "everyone"?


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