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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Oct 23 10:15:23 UTC 2013


On 10/23/2013 11:59 AM, Tom Morris wrote:
> Phone numbers apply to mobile phones which move between locations.

I should perhaps have said this another way.

I wasn't talking about the moving itself, I was talking more about the
event being detached from the location.

Even if you go Harrods which has a "no backpacks" dresscode (but wait -
is that a dresscode or a carry-on code?), then this applies not to the
location itself, but to the "event" (or maybe "experience" or another
better word) that you want to have shopping. If you are, say, a mechanic
called there to repair a broken heater, a backpack might well be

The dresscode is, therefore, not a property of the location, but of the

We do indeed already map a couple other things that are not properties
of a location - e.g. at what times something is open to visitors, or
sometimes even how much it costs to get in - but this is not un-disputed
and there are certainly limits to what we can, and want to, handle in
OSM (currently e.g. type of cuisine at restaurant - yes, detailed menu -

I just wondered if dresscode isn't too volatile a property to be mapped
and kept current.


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