[Tagging] tag proposal for soft play centres

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Wed Oct 23 12:22:39 UTC 2013

On 23 October 2013 14:01, Jonathan Bennett <jonobennett at gmail.com> wrote:

> In the UK a Soft Play is a well-recognised and well-defined concept. If that
> concept doesn't exist elsewhere, fine, but don't stop this mapper from
> recording information because you don't like what colour the bikeshed is.

I think that's too much of a UK-centric way of thinking, which we should avoid.

I agree that for the UK, a precise definition is not necessary,
because we can simply tag everything leisure=soft_play that is called
'soft play'. However, it seems that the US does not use this term, let
alone non-English speaking countries. Other countries might have
similar (but perhaps not entirely equivalent) concepts. I believe we
need some kind of definition that makes clear how the English concept
'soft play' maps to the variety of playgrounds other countries have.

In the Netherlands, for example, there are paid and staffed outdoor
playing grounds. Currently, I have no idea whether such playgrounds
would fall under the English definition of 'soft play'.

-- Matthijs

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