[Tagging] tag proposal for soft play centres

Dominic Hosler dominichosler at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 12:52:46 UTC 2013

I agree with Matthijs that we should avoid a UK centric mode of
thought, which is why I stated I didn't know if this type of thing
exists elsewhere. Apparently it does exist elsewhere, but not in
exactly the same way.

I have just remembered a soft play centre, that includes all parts of
a soft play centre but also includes an outdoor play area (for when
the weather's nice - it's in south Wales). In this particular case, I
mapped the building as soft play, and the outside area as a
playground, with extra tags on the playground, make it clear that it
belongs as part of the centre.

I think it would be a good idea to put a clearer definition to what in
the UK we call a 'soft play centre' so that people from other
countries can use the tag to map similar locations.

To clarify, soft play centres are not supervised, they are staffed.
Parents are expected to supervise their children. I will change this
wording in the proposal. I will also add that it can be used on nodes
when the soft play centre is just a small part of a larger building.

I think in my opinion the distinction between a playground and a soft
play centre is that a playground generally has a hard ground (or
sometimes rubbery), whereas a soft play centre (in the play area) has
a padded ground. In a soft play centre all the equipment to climb on
is padded and soft. A playground, most of the equipment is hard (wood,
metal or fibreglass). For me, this is the main distinction.

As a side note, the reason (I guess) most soft play centres are
businesses that charge, is that the padding needs attention to keep it
clean and in good condition. Playgrounds can be ignored by the owners
/ maintainers for many months without damage.

I will add this into the proposal page on the wiki, thank you for your input.

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