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I agree with Martin. If I were implementing a map renderer, it would be far
easier to treat categorized things (such as school and restaurant) using
the same visual style and same icon, instead of specifying each possible
variation separately (I would need to know all possible values in that
category and the app would definitely miss any new values until I manage to
update it again). Same thing if I were implementing a POI menu in a
navigation app. Same if I were compiling a list of places to print down
(this way it easily transforms into a nice hierarchical index).

And I don't see why this tagging style would prevent anyone from searching
for a "Chinese restaurant": just search for amenity=restaurant +
cuisine=chinese instead of amenity=chinese_restaurant. Similarly for
language schools.

So my vote goes for either:
- amenity=school + (if not a regular school) training={driving, language,
music, cram, etc.} (<< should work with practically all major
applications); or
- amenity=education + education={kindergarten, school, college, university,
driving, language, music, cram, etc.}

And definitely against amenity=driving_school, amenity=language_school,
amenity=cram_school, amenity=business_school, amenity=computer_school,
amenity=photography_school, amenity=dance_school, etc.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer
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> 2013/9/6 Brad Neuhauser <brad.neuhauser at gmail.com>
>> Two big counter-examples to your argument are restaurants and places of
>> worship:  "If I'm looking for a [Chinese restaurant or Catholic church] I
>> am not interested in finding also a [pizza restaurant or Synagogue]"
> yes, but still it would be a restaurant or a place of worship, while a
> language school has very few in common with a skiing school or a driving
> school.
> school    546360
>> driving_school    3851
> these two are also documented, something we should try for the rest as
> well.
>> preschool    225
> not a school IMHO ;-)
> ...
> And it goes on like that with things like cooking, dog, aviation, sailing,
> art, etc schools.  So if this seems like the way forward, it would at least
> be good to document a list of values people can refer to.
> +1, documentation is desirable, not sure if a common list does make a lot
> of sense. Would you also include a "school of dolphins"? ;-) Sorry for the
> groaner, but what I intend is that only because part of the word is
> "school" doesn't necessarily mean that they belong to the same group of
> stuff.
> cheers,
> Martin
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