[Tagging] RFC: Japanese address, place revise (Block system address)

Satoshi IIDA nyampire at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 01:33:34 UTC 2013

Hi, list

I'm working on expressing Japanese address structure.
Also, revising "place" structure.

We JP had collected samples, and made a structure from them.
Please tell us your comments.
(I'm preparing wiki page editing)

* Block addressing System
In general "Block Address System" structure, it could be compatible between
"addr:street" and "addr:blocknumber".
It is simple :)

* JP Situation
JP address system are very messy.
Since it is a mixture of general "Block Number System" and "from Old
Cadestra System".
Some local governments treats Cadestra as Address representation.
So, many many exceptions are there.

But IMHO, the whole structural order is simple.

* Key proposal
subprovince (as "place" structure)
Using "quarter" (as "place" and "addr:quarter" structure)

* Challanges
1. Using key "quarter"
I understand that "place=quarter" is under proposal, and non-recommended
Please tell me if there are some another choice.

In Japan, neighbourhood is divided "upper" and "lower".
So I use "quarter" as represent "Upper Neighbourhood".

Should we use another word to represent "Upper Neighbourhood"?
(e.g. "neighbourhood" and "subneighbourhood" come to mind)

"Upper" and "Lower" are very separated ones,
so they are difficult to merge as one "neighbourhood", I think.

2. subprovince
We would like to use it as structural order.

3. addr:housenumber may contain "NULL"
In some case, "addr:housenumber" contain "NULL".
(in fact, it seems as 1 or 1-1. But numbers are vanished, even in public
Is it permissive?

* reference pages


Satoshi IIDA
mail: nyampire at gmail.com
twitter: @nyampire
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