[Tagging] How to overcome lack of consensus

NopMap ekkehart at gmx.de
Wed Sep 18 09:11:14 UTC 2013


Peter Wendorff wrote
> let's tackle the "problems" you mention one by one:

That is exactly what people have been trying for years. When I see the age
of the discussions and the lack of progress, it has failed badly.

I agree that it would be necessary to try and find a general solution for
the problem. However I have given up hope on this.

There are too many people who still believe that everything is fine or will
fix itself given enough time and there is no need to do anything. There's
also many people who refuse to follow any sort of guideline, e.g. rejecting
the proposal process and its voting system that in theory would be capable
of creating compromises and documented tagging schemes.

Peter Wendorff wrote
>> - What is the difference between highway=footway and highway=path?
> A footway is a footway, mainly or only dedicated to people using it by
> foot.

With this simple statement you already explain the extent of the
Some contradictory interpretations of highway=footway are
- mainly for pedestrians vs. exclusively for pedestrians
- waymarked for pedestrians vs. apparently for pedestrians
- dedicated to pedestrians vs. narrow trail
- same as designated=foot vs. designated is more strict

See the neutral collection of concurrent interpretations on this topic in
the wiki and pay attention to the age of this page:

For me there are two groups of cases:

1. several tags for the same thing
- They  are annoying, but can be compensated with additional work.
- Somewhat confusing if a newcomer tries to read the wiki, but he'll likely
use the preset of his current editor
- Taginfo is helpful to find the most frequently used among redundant tags

2. Multiple meanings/usages for the same tag
- These are a desaster, as there is no agreement on what to use the tag for
or what a mapper actually meant when he used it.
- Worst case: A tag changes its meaning years after being used, invalidating
all previous work
- newcomers are confused
- The data is more or less useless, a renderer cannot sort it out and 
Taginfo can't help to clarify the meaning.

IMHO the latter need fixing badly, but there is not even an agreement that
the problem exists...

bye, Nop

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