[Tagging] How to overcome lack of consensus

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Wed Sep 18 13:56:05 UTC 2013

> I am a newcomer to OSM but as a newcomer I do not see the so called "lack
> of concensus" as any kind of issue. People call things by different names
> and whereas it is of benefit to have concensus on the framework items I can
> see no issue regarding the use of locally accepted tags for items in
> general.

The problem is that it is almost impossible to write, and more 
importantly, keep up-to-date a data consumer (like a specialized map of 
shops, in the examples people have been talking about) in an anarchic 
free-for-all where tags come and go and people invent their own.

In effect the only data consumer that can reasonably makes sense of it 
all is a human reader (and even then, if is open to misinterpretation, 
as you are all saying, then them may also be unable to consume the data).


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