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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 10:18:56 UTC 2013

2013/9/25 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com>

> 8615 waterway=waterfall
>> 2395 natural=waterfall
>> So they will coexist happily forever
> Any (good) reason to keep two tags for the same thing ?

IMHO no good reason for a duplicate. But it isn't completely clear which
tag would be the better one. What are the logics behind "waterway"? Do we
want to tag everything connected with flowing surface water in waterway?
The wiki has 2 main definitions (one is the first paragraph, the other is
the "description":
1. The *waterway key* is used to describe rivers, streams and
boat-yards.    // isn't IMHO a very good definition because it is based
only on examples.
2. The waterway tag is used to mark rivers or other kind of waterways.   //
isn't a good definiton either because it would exclude many features that
are actually tagged as waterway values.

What about natural=spring? There are only 44 waterway=spring. Are dams,
lock_gates, locks and weirs nicely tagged in the waterway namespace, or
would man_made be more logical? What about waterway=dock and boatyard?


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