[Tagging] Pre-proposal: gambling

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 28 08:29:39 UTC 2013

I would recommend making a clear distinction between the premises and the activity. Lotteries are rarely carried out in shops, but the tickets are sold in all manner of establishments with a different primary purpose. And whether you can ever call gambling an amenity (for the public good) is open to discussion as far as I am concerned.

Matthijs Melissen <info at matthijsmelissen.nl> wrote:
>Dear all,
>There are currently various tags for gambling-related shops and
>in use, including amenity=casino, shop=bookmaker, shop=betting,
>shop=lottery, and shop=gambling. See here for an overview of usage
>As shops and amenities for gambling are already widely used, we should
>to stay as close to the current way of tagging as possible when writing
>proposal. However, the usage statistics to which I linked show some
>with the current way of tagging, which would be good to resolve. These
>issues include the following.
>- The current tagging contains some ambiguous tags. For example,
>amenity=gambling is used for both bookmakers and casinos.
>- Some real-world objects are tagged in (many) different ways. For
>bookmakers are tagged as shop=bookmaker, shop=betting, and (less
>frequently) amenity=gambling. Lotteries are tagged in many different
>as well.
>Data consumers (and end-users as a consequence) would benefit if these
>issues were resolved. Fixing current tagging will probably be
>but more guidance in the form of well-documented tags might help
>these issues at least for future tagging.
>In order to create clearer documentation for future mappers and resolve
>ambiguities, I am interested in the opinion of the community on the
>following questions.
>1. Should we map all gambling-related places in a single way, for
>as amenity=gambling and then specify with gambling=*-tags, or should we
>keep different tags for different kind of gambling places?
>2. If we want to use different tags for different kind of gambling
>which types of gambling places should we distinguish? For example:
>- Should we distinguish bookmakers and lotteries? Note that some places
>combine sports betting with traditional lotteries.
>- Should we distinguish casinos (with croupiers) and 'playing halls'
>whatever they are called) without croupiers?
>With kind regards,
>Matthijs Melissen
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