[Tagging] Pre-proposal: gambling

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sat Sep 28 09:47:26 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-09-28 at 10:29 +0200, Colin Smale wrote:
> I would recommend making a clear distinction between the premises and
> the activity. Lotteries are rarely carried out in shops, but the
> tickets are sold in all manner of establishments with a different
> primary purpose. And whether you can ever call gambling an amenity
> (for the public good) is open to discussion as far as I am concerned.
> Colin


In the UK lottery tickets are mostly sold in shops, newsagents,
supermarkets, convienience shops. The lottery is not their main
activity, so a sub-tag such as lottery=yes may be the way to go.

Places with slot machines are called amusement arcades in the UK, mainly
found at the seaside, there is usually at least one in any large town.

Bookmakers/betting shop I think these are the same thing. A bookmaker is
a person, and most of the national chains sell odds that are set by the
companies team of bookmakers. In this case I think bookmaker is fine as
the people in the shop will be able to put you in touch with a bookmaker
if you want to make a bet that is not already on the books, such as you
may want to bet that osm will be the biggest online map in 5 years time.
After the previous discussion I did look at the signage on some
bookmakers, coral/ladbrooks and beyond the name it says nothing about
what it does. The word betting, or bookmaker are just not there.  

Bookmakers in the UK don't sell lottery tickets, it may be possible to
bet on other countries lotteries, betting on the Irish lottery is a big
thing, but that is not the same as taking part in the lottery and should
not warrant a lottery tag.

There are bingo halls, which are a different thing, and need a separate

Casinos where there are croupiers and roulette tables. Some casinos are
operated by the large bookmaker chains, which explains the tags we
already have.

You often find a slot machine in pubs and other places, I can remember
them being in fish and chip shops, but can't say I have seen one for a
while so maybe there has been a law change to keep them in licensed
premises where age restrictions are better controlled.

Phil (trigpoint)

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