[Tagging] Visual editor for the wiki (WAS: How to overcome lack of consensus)

André Pirard A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 19:38:10 UTC 2013

On 2013-09-27 13:51, André Pirard wrote :
> On 2013-09-17 21:49, Rob Nickerson wrote :
>> Daniel wrote:
>> > - Make it easier to edit the wiki. 
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I agree - the wiki can be hard to edit if you have never done this
>> before. This is why I requested a visual editor (that is now used by
>> Wikipedia) to be added. Unfortunately this requires an update to the
>> version of MediaWiki that we use so is not a simple case of
>> installing a plug-in. Hopefully it will be picked up sooner rather
>> than later but in a volunteer based project patience is essential :-)
> I tried that editor and it's really not worth it. It's not available
> on en.wikipedia (shame?) but only as beta testing for other
> languages.  It looks like a very basic, unhandy rich text editor (e.g.
> no drag and drop), with absolutely no possibility to edit markup (e.g.
> our ubiquitous {{tag ...}} and with restrictions due to web programming.
> But if you're really fond of such editing, you may copy an OSM page
> code, paste it to Wikipedia, edit it there, and copy&paste it back to OSM.
> I personally don't believe much in Web editors, including e-mail. 
> That should run on a PC.
> I'm editing HTML with Kompozer which is not extraordinarily more
> complex that a basic editor, but it's more than complete and handy.
> If Kompozer does not know some markup, you just pull the curtain, edit
> the code and come back to the visual display and editor.
> The boon is that the server's files are mapped (mounted) in my Ubuntu
> filesystem, as if the server was on my PC, just like editing local files.
I recalled that, "in the old days, when we were young
[About Ubuntu <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28philosophy%29>,
Nelson Mandela, hi, almost killed by the anti-social networks] I noticed
that MS Word seemed to be a engine capable of editing different kinds of
markups natively, notably also HTML (foolishly the basic HTML I spoke of
;-) ), probably based on a markup definition file.
Hence, I searched the Web
<https://www.google.be/#&q=libreoffice%20wiki%20markup>, and I found
that LibreOffice can save Wiki files directly, and Word indirectly

One might find the way to add {{tag... }} and a few of our beloved
markups for a real experience.
I'd love to hear feedback from such experiments (sorry no time myself).
I'm a believer that many things we write on mailing lists should [also]
be written on the wiki.

I forgot to say above that a Wiki file space can also be more
conveniently mounted on the local filesystem.
At least, I tested Wikipedia on Ubuntu (operating system
<http://www.ubuntu.com/>, of course), that I would recommend for that
kind of things.
Windowers shouldn't fear a complete shake up:  Ubuntu can be installed
on (after) VirtualBox
<http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Ubuntu-on-VirtualBox> on Windows for a
lifetime, nondestructive, free trial period. Same for Macintosh (or...
any Linux system).
Only gotcha, I think: recent Ubuntu comes with a desktop called Unity
which is very resource consuming, dancing but not singing, and is really
crawling on VB. There are solutions to tame Unity
<https://www.google.be/#&q=ubuntu+unity+virtualbox+performance>, but you
may prefer to install a more classic desktop like gnome session fallback
or, even closer to classic Ubuntu and better IMHO, MATE
<http://mate-desktop.org/>, and choose it as your desktop before login.



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