[Tagging] noexit=yes on ways ?

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:42:21 UTC 2014

On 03.04.2014 21:30, John Packer wrote:
>     in what situations is "noexit=yes" useful at all, except as a cue to
>     subsequent mappers in the very rare situation that one way ends very
>     close to another one and there's absolutely nothing (not a wall,
>     footpath, anything) between them?
> It might be useful when there is limited visibility of the ways using
> the satellite imagery (for example, being blocked by clouds or trees),
> so it becomes a confirmation that the way does indeed end there.
> It can also may make it easier to visualize the streets if the city has
> a lot of streets without exit. (JOSM properly renders nodes with noexit=yes)

JOSM Validator uses it to suppress warnings like "(high)way ends near
other way)

It is also useful in the woods to state that the way clearly ends and
the next mapper does not have to check again and end up at the dead end
instead of taking the next (un-)mapped way.

cu fly

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