[Tagging] noexit=yes on ways ?

Florian Schäfer florian at schaeferban.de
Thu Apr 3 19:50:02 UTC 2014


Am 03.04.2014 21:22, schrieb SomeoneElse:
> fly wrote:
>> Is noexit=yes useful on ways ?
> Asking a slightly broader question, in what situations is "noexit=yes" 
> useful at all, except as a cue to subsequent mappers in the very rare 
> situation that one way ends very close to another one and there's 
> absolutely nothing (not a wall, footpath, anything) between them?
In the diskussion on the German ML, some users pointed out, that it is 
rendered on some (esp. outdoor-)maps to indicate, that the way really 
ends. Because otherwise one could think that the mapper who added this 
way has just entered the first part of the way and forgot to tag 
fixme=continue or something similar.
And obviously there is the advantage for QA-tools to filter out 
false-positive unconnected-way-errors.

By the way: I am the user who started the discussion on talk-de. And my 
intention was to define the usage of the tag more precisely and to point 
out, that there are currently situations, where this tag is used but 
where it makes no sense.
For example it was used at entrances of buildings, because the way ends 
there of course (I oppose this usage). And the discussion showed, that 
it makes no sense there, because some people can always enter an 
entrance, so is not a deadend.
Another conclusion from the discussion was, that noexit=yes should only 
be used where no person can travel further.

For a more complete overview over the conclusions, see the german 
Wiki-page [1] (Google translate: [2]), which I've updated today with the 
insights from the discussion.


[1]: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Key:noexit

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