[Tagging] shop for baby strollers only

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Fri Apr 4 10:44:54 UTC 2014

André Riedel wrote:
> At the moment "stroller" is used for ramps or ways as access condition.

But it's ambiguous, even in American.  It's a noun meaning "pushchair" 
only in American; in both English AND American it means "a person going 
for a walk".  I can't comment on other English variants (AU, SA, Scots 

It makes sense to avoid the ambiguity (more so on access ramps than 
shops, obviously).  It's for the same reason that when tagging a 
roadside footpaths I'll use the American word "sidewalk" for it instead 
of the English one.



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