[Tagging] access=designated - what do we think it means?

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 20:01:00 UTC 2014

2014-04-11 19:14 GMT+01:00 Vincent Pottier <vpottier at gmail.com>:
> Le 11/04/2014 19:38, Dan S a écrit :
>> 2014-04-11 18:20 GMT+01:00 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com>:
>>> On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 7:07 PM, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com> wrote:
>>>>>> (2) http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag%3Aaccess%3Ddesignated
>>>> This is how I understood and have used it.
>>> This is what the wiki says:
>>> "Note that access=designated is not defining what is designated and is
>>> meaningless. "
>> Please, before quoting the wiki in a tagging discussion, check if your
>> choice quote was added two hours ago as a direct result of this
>> tagging discussion! Quoting that particular sentence from the wiki is
>> almost exactly equivalent to quoting an email message in this thread.
>> Dan
> It seems that "January 24th 15h40" is a little older than 2 hours.
> And quotting this sentence in the wiki is not exaclty quotting this thread.

Oh my apologies! I clearly misread the date. Sorry for adding
confusion to the confusion!


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