[Tagging] small change to turn restriction relation tagging

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Apr 23 14:37:22 UTC 2014

On 4/23/14 10:14 AM, André Pirard wrote:
> On 2014-04-22 23:46, Richard Welty wrote :
> > i would like to add emergency (for emergency vehicles) to the list of
> > vehicle types for the except tag.
> Supposing that emergency vehicles can do almost everything (who would
> tell a fire van for example not to drive on the wrong side over some
> distance or make a forbidden turn if that's to put out a fire without
> endangering other road users), I think that routing devices should
> apply special logic for them to disregard most restrictions.  Hence,
> what should be on the map instead is restrictions that they should
> obey despite that, sort of telling them "if you disregard this, you
> won't put out your fire".
if this is the case, then it needs to be explicit in the wiki
so that routing engines can handle it.

i'm not sure that it is generally the case. i have looked it up in
New York State law and it is certainly true in this jurisdiction, but
for the US at least, it'll be state by state.

the signage in some other states in the US for restricted U-turns has
an explicit authorization posted at each U-turn. i honestly don't
have a feeling for how general the notion that emergency vehicles
can ignore all access restrictions really is.


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