[Tagging] deforestation tag

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 29 13:19:42 UTC 2014

Are you talking about landcover or landuse ?

If the trees where cut and new ones are growing this is still

If there are plans for building houses this might be landuse=greenfield
and later on landuse=construction.

landuse=farm is deprecated, please use farmland or farmyard.

landuse=grass also is not a good choice as it is ambigious. Either use
landuse=meadow or maybe landcover=grass

Cheers fly

On 25.04.2014 15:41, Tom Gertin wrote:
> Hello, I am working on validating Tile in Punia, DRC
>  (http://mapgive.state.gov/learn-to-map/#select-a-task). 
> One of the issues I have is that people are marking some deforested
> areas in some odd ways:
> -landuse = farm
> -area = yes, named = Burned forest
> -landuse = grass
> -natural = land
> is there a correct tag to mark deforested areas? You can see the fallen
> trees when looking at the DG imagery provided through MapGive. The whole
> area is forested so you can clearly see the deforested areas as holes.

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