[Tagging] Distinction between amenity=restaurant and fast_food

MichaƂ Brzozowski www.haxor at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 23:45:16 UTC 2014

Sometimes it's hard for me to tell whether a food venue should be
classified as a restaurant or a fast food.
>From the description in the Wiki, the distinguishing features are:
* payment right away
* counter-only service (no waiters)
* disposable plates and utensils
* usually offers take-away
* very fast (I guess this means in most cases you wait at the counter
for your order to be fulfilled)

Having listed that, a few problematic cases from my experience in Poland:

GreenWay, BioWay and the likes
* vegetarian food
* no waiters, you order at the counter, wait at your table and take
your meal from the counter when it's ready
* non-disposable utensils

Various pizza venues, be it a part of bigger chain or one-off
* offers pizza, maybe other Italian dishes, salad, fries,
* no waiters, as above
* telephone delivery
* non-disposable utensils etc when you eat at the venue
Basically similar to eg. Domino's.

These usually get tagged as fast_food. Should they be? Sometimes food
venues beg to be called a fast food (and someone tags them so) due to
quality, but then again, they're not so fast - so maybe there should
be amenity=shitty_food? :P Jokes aside, it's all subjective (hence,
fails at verifiability).


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