[Tagging] interpolated housenumbers on single objects

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 14:52:13 UTC 2014

Maybe the cleanest solution is the proposed node relation:


Although that wouldn't give the entrance an attribute with all those
addresses, it would just pile the addresses on top of the entrance. I'm not
sure. Interpolation tag sounds hacky, but maybe that's better because it
gives the entrance an attribute of all those addresses.

2014-08-18 16:29 GMT+02:00 Dan S <danstowell+osm at gmail.com>:

> Hi taggers,
> When mapping recently, I encountered many addresses which contain
> multiple housenumbers behind single entrances. I've used interpolation
> before, and used it in the "traditional" sense to map a range along a
> row of houses. But here we have an interpolated range on a single
> object, not spread across a spatial extent.
> I intuitively re-used the addr:interpolation tag, but applied it to a
> single object. For example we might have this on a single node or a
> building:
>   addr:housenumber=100-126
>   addr:interpolation=even
>   addr:street=Malmesbury Road
> Please note that:
>  * These house numbers are _not_ flat numbers. That is clear on the ground.
>  * From the outside of the block there's no spatial distribution of
> those numbers 100-126 so they can't sensibly be represented as a
> "traditional" interpolation from one addr to another.
> Today (thanks to Fly's email about something else) I noticed that the
> wiki says this tagging shouldn't be used. It says:
> > You may also add a short way and use addr:interpolation=*. Don't specify
> the range (e.g., "10-95") directly in the addr:housenumber=* tag. It is
> impossible to distinguish such ranges from house numbers that officially
> contain a dash.
> I beg to differ. it _is_ possible to distinguish such ranges, because
> of the addr:interpolation tag. I certainly understand that software
> doesn't currently know that an addr:interpolation tag indicates it may
> parse addr:housenumber as a range, but this tagging seemed so
> plausible to me that I didn't question it.
> Adding a short fake way so that there are addr endpoints seems like a
> total hack to me.
> How would you tag it?
> Best
> Dan
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