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> 2014-12-04 12:03 GMT+01:00 Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:
>> The main choice for water tap is between man_made = water_tap or amenity
> = water_tap. I have no firm idea on either choice. If I have too now I'd
> chose man_made=water_tap. Fits with man_made=water_well .. though not with
> amenity=shower and I'm certain tehre are other examples.
> +1 to man_made namespace, no need to deprecate amenity=drinking_water (80K+
> uses, a lot of data consumers)
>> But the tag for the purity of the water should be named so that it cannot
> be confused with some other meaning. And be secondary to the facility ..
> much as 'surface=paved' is to other tags (eg highway).
>> man_made=water_tap
>> water_purity=non-portable
> not sure if "purity" is a good choice. Completely "pure" water is not
> potable (distilled water), you'd die if you drank too much (OK, you'll also
> die when drinking too much "normal" water [1], but the second "too much" is
> much more than the first).
> Cheers,
> Martin

? On the Keep It Simple Stupid theory?

water_potable = yes/no
If not known you don't tag. Then it will some default action possibly based on location. Some may want tags 'boil', 'filter','filter+boil' ...

I know a place with a distilled water tap. It also has a deionised water tap. Not open to the public. And I'm not mapping it.

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