[Tagging] Combining gas stations & convenience stores

Jack Burke burkejf3 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 16:51:25 UTC 2014

This topic interests me greatly.

> In my world a gas station and a convenience store are two distinct
> features, so they should indeed exist as two elements also in the osm
> database. Also an address should be considered a feature in its own
> right so it should also be a distinct element.
> Regards
> Markus

+1  Same here.

> > In my opinion the "gas station" is not the building but the whole area.
> > Also the address belongs to the whole area and that's the way I tag gas
> > stations:
> >
> >    - Draw an area to cover the complete gas station and put amenity=fuel
> >    together with additional tags like the address on it. In my region
it is
> >    usually quite clear on an aerial image where the station starts and
> >    it ends (some kind of fence, barrier, whatever, ...).
> >    - Draw the roads (highway=service) and buildings (building=yes resp.
> >    building=roof + layer=1)
> >    - Additional attributes like amenity=car_wash, amenity=parking,
> >    shop=convenience.... go to there actual position, i.e. if there is a
> >    convenience store in one of the buildings I add the tag there.
> >    - No need to provide the address more than once: the address belongs
> >    to everything within the area tagged with amenity=fuel
> >
> >
> +1, the same around here.
> There is also an attribute "shop=yes" that some people add to the
> amenity=fuel object to say that it's a gas station with a shop.
> Cheers,
> Martin

-1.  I don't really agree.  The parking/driving area is no more a part of
the gas station than any other parking lot is part of the store/building
they service.

I usually do building=roof + layer=1 + amenity=fuel + brand=Foo for the
pumps, and building=retail + shop=convenience for the store part.  I also
usually put opening_hours on each of them if/as I find out what those are.

Lately I've been playing with using a multipolygon as a way to handle the
too-many-address-entries problem.  Join the building=roof and
building=retail into a multipolygon, then apply the address data to that.
 (I do have to do this before applying the other tags to the
areas-that-make-up-the-building bits, but that's easy.)

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