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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Tue Dec 9 15:39:44 UTC 2014

On 08.12.2014 18:01, Christopher Hoess wrote:
> An adit is the entrance to a mine in the way a lobby is an entrance to a
> building; you could still have a lobby entrance without committing a solecism.
> There's nothing wrong with tagging the adit itself, but that should be
> applied to the underground passage rather than the portal to the passage.

I get the point. However, man_made=adit has been defined in the wiki to be
the entrance only, since August 2010. The tag is used 2309 times that way,
i.e. on nodes. It does not seem right to re-define a tag that has been in
use for so long.

man_made=adit_entrance would actually be a synonym for man_made=adit as
currently used on nodes. Applications and editors would need to be aware of
one more tag, which does not get us any practical benefit.

If we want to map the horizontal passages as man_made=adit, we only need to
extend the definition in the wiki:
man_made=adit on nodes ... entrance
man_made=adit on ways ... passage

While I am skeptical about "indoor mapping" of caves (because of their
irregular topography), we probably can do it for underground mines quite
easily, provided that we find out the correct terminology.

On 08.12.2014 18:01, Christopher Hoess wrote:
> In the parlance I'm familiar with (generally hard-rock mining in the northeastern US), an "adit" is a more or less horizontal tunnel that's driven from the outside of the mine to bring miners to the vein of the desired mineral, and often to provide drainage. That is, the material excavated to create the adit is generally country rock rather than the ore being sought; a horizontal tunnel following the ore is a "drift".

What if ore was found halfway to the first intersection, or if there's only
one straight tunnel?

Here's some draft of a table with English and German term, and the meaning.
Feel free to correct and extend:

English / German / meaning
underground mine / Bergwerk / the whole thing
adit / Stollen / initial horizontal passage
drift / Stollen / other horizontal passage
shaft / Schacht / vertical passage
adit entrance ? / Mundloch / horizontal entrance
? / Mundlochpinge / sinkhole-like buried horizontal entrance
? / Pinge / sinkhole-like remainder of a shaft entrance
? / Sondierstollen / exploration adit (stopped when no ore is found)
bunker? / Luftschutzstollen / looks like an adit, used as a shelter during
bombardments, does not exist in America
? / Lagerstollen / used for storage (ammunition dump, nuclear waste...)
wine cellar / Weinkeller / used for storing and fermenting wine

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