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>  Maybe in Japan a convenience store doesn't have food in it.
Japan has the nicest "conbinis" you can find - you could actually eat a real (premade) lunch every day from a convenience store here, rather than getting food poisoning from a hot dog at one in the US. 

However - to them Fast food iconography might be a bowl of noodles - Ramen shops, soba shops, Udon shops - or a takeout of Fried cutlet, fried octopus balls, or other quick fried food (fried chicken, etc) - but mostly noodles. 

While McDonalds are prevalent, the category of fast food in Japan is not represented by a burger - or a knife & fork. 

Categories are easy - as long as we decide on how we structure the tags - are the categories flat, with a few distinctions - and let the taggers decide; or do we make everything very hierarchical and make everything fit into ever narrower sub-categories? I think flat is the way to go, just like amenity=* is full of stuff. 

I think the iconography is arguably more important - having some regional icons for common food - a Mexican food icon won’t get much use in Japan, just as a noodle bowl icon would be similarly disused in the US - but both are equally necessary in their home country. 

Trying to make standard rules for fast_food vs restaurant is a losing battle - unless you you visit the place (or it’s a chain), you’d probably know. 

Leave it to the taggers to figure out.

What we need to do is make the cuisine tags set about 100 times bigger - and get some regional differences represented in the tags so when someone searches for “ラーメン” - a ridiculously common search for fast food here in Japan - it doesn’t populate the screen with burger icons. I imagine fixing that starts with tagging. 

Gas stations with conbini’s is easy - tag them both. no one complains when there is more than one tag at a mall - the same goes for a gas station with a connivence store. I believe there is a tag for a small pay booth or cashier’s office, if the gas station isn’t a convenience store, right?


PS:Basic categories of restaurants in Japan

- Ramen, soba, udon
- cutlet
- Steak
- Italian
- Indian
- “Family” restaurant (denny’s, etc)
- Sushi / traditional Japanese 
- Chinese
- takoyaki (octopus balls)
- karaage  (Japanese style fried chicen)
- conveyor belt sushi
- bakery
- Burger
- Izakaiya (pub). 
- Snack (bar)

This covers about 99% of restaurants in Japan - the first 6 cover about 80% 

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