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Zecke zeck at saeuferleber.de
Tue Dec 16 21:20:31 UTC 2014

> "interesting to map dismantled city gates as historic=city_gate"
>     It is OK to map ruins/remmants, archeological site - but note that
>     completely destroyed objects should NOT be mapped.
> typically city gates have had such a huge impact on the structure of 
> cities that they normally persist even if there is nothing left in 
> physical terms. The roads that once passed the gates are still the 
> "arterial" roads, the squares are still named after the gates 
> (typically) and the whole area often still has that name (e.g. 
> referring here to my birth town Tübingen, where everybody would still 
> know "Neckartor" (dismantled 1804), "Lustnauer Tor" or "Haagtor" (and 
> 2 others, all of which non-existent physically but very existent in 
> daily life/communication, e.g. to set up a place to meet)).

Actually we recommend to map such objects with the razed: prefix for 
objects that once existed but now there are only barely remnants or even 
indirect indications thereof.
As long as there is a historical interest in them and there is a slight 
indication of its position we are willing to map them in the historic map.

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