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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 15:44:43 UTC 2014

2014-12-18 16:42 GMT+01:00 Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at>:
> >     As far as I can see, Berlin is a Bundesland and a Gemeinde.
> >
> > The term "Bundesland" is of mostly colloquial use, the official term is
> > "Land", so it is "Land Berlin" for the admin level 4 entity. At the same
> > time, it is also "Stadt" (city), and the respective public
> responsibilities
> > are not separated (the precise legal term is "Einheitsgemeinde"). You can
> > see this in Art. 1 of its constitution:
> >
> http://gesetze.berlin.de/default.aspx?vpath=bibdata%2Fges%2FBlnVerf%2Fcont%2FBlnVerf.A1.htm
> AFAIK, Stadt only means some privilege (Stadtrecht), it's not an
> administrative devision.

In Berlin there is no such thing like a "Gemeinde" there are the "Bezirke"
divided into "Ortsteile", and while the first do correspond roughly to
Landkreisen (regarding the number of inhabitants) they don't have the power
(they are indeed not even "Kommunen", the term is
"Selbstverwaltungseinheiten Berlins ohne Rechtspersönlichkeit").
Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen are also called "Stadtstaat". Between the
"Gemeinde" and the "Land" there is typically the "Landkreis" or "Kreisfreie
Stadt" (and in some cases the "Regierungsbezirk"), have a look at this
illustration for an overview of the German administrative system:

Looking at Berlin in OSM, I have also found this tag which seems to have
the same intentions as your proposal and is used more than 50k times:
name:prefix="Land und Kreisfreie Stadt"

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