[Tagging] Accuracy of survey

Rainer F├╝genstein rfu at oudeis.org
Tue Dec 23 16:37:34 UTC 2014

while we are at it, imagine the following situation:

mapper A, by means of DGPS, MilStd GPS, crystal ball etc., is able to
achieve an accuracy of, say, a few centimeters and uses it to add new
nodes (POIs) to OSM.

some time later, mapper B with his/her ancestors mechanical GPS device
(*), achieving an accuracy of max., say, 15 meters, surveys the same
area, figures out that (by his/her point of view) POIs added by mapper
A are 15 meters off and corrects their location. 

what is needed here is some tag, saying "don't touch these
coordinates, they've been surveyed with high(est) accuracy".

I heard this argument from an pipeline expert, noting that marker
surveyed with consumer GPS are (for their standards) way off their
real location.

maybe this is a non-issue after all, if consensus is that consumer
GPS accuracy is sufficient enough.


(*) http://www.kenalder.com/measure/excerpts.htm

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