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Try http://osm.org/go/0EpD9shb?m=

I never added the opposite tag in my neighborhood.



On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 2:39 AM, Ulrich Lamm <ulamm.brem at t-online.de> wrote:

> Now I've understood you, and I think I agree with you:
> This "cycleway=opposite" is something like an abused tag, as in reality
> there is no cycleway.
> The problem is that no renderer understands "oneway:bicycle=no", which
> would be the correct tag.
> I have mailed and phoned to the maintainers of two renderers on this
> subject, Andy Allen of OSM cyclemap and Sven Geggus ("giggls") of OSM.de.
> Both answered, I were right, but I doubt if one of the renderers has been
> improved, since.
> Perhaps somebody has to tag a street of little importance with
>  "oneway:bicycle=no" but without  "cycleway=opposite", and then wait for a
> forthight.
> Cordialement
> Ulrich
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> I don't agree,
> the definition says:
> ---
> Use *cycleway*=opposite for situations where cyclists are permitted to
> travel in both directions on a road which is one-way for normal traffic, in
> situations where there is no dedicated contra-flow lane marked for
> cyclists. In practice there is typically a very short section of road,
> sometimes called a "cycle plug", where cycles are excepted from the
> no-entry by means of a short lane separated by an island. These roads
> should normally also be tagged with oneway
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:oneway>=yes and also
> oneway:bicycle
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:oneway:bicycle>=no. Streets like
> this are common in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. They are rarer in
> the UK, but are becoming more common due to a recent change in road signage
> allowing no entry signs qualified with "except cycles".
> ----
> So only when there is a short separate lane for bi-directional traffic, one
> should use cycleway=opposite. It should never be used in the countries that
> are mentioned above, where the whole street is bi-directional.
> I think this is one of the most misused tags in Belgium.
> regards
> m
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