[Tagging] question: best practices for micromapping ped areas and footpaths?

johnw johnw at mac.com
Tue Dec 30 04:27:43 UTC 2014

I'm micromapping some public areas, in this case train stations. two questions:

1)  there are large open concrete areas for pedestrians, but there are also covered walkways through them as well. 


I mapped the open sections as highway=pedestrian+area=yes, while I traced the covered walkways (that connect the bus shelters) and tagged it as building=roof & highway=footway

I'm not sure if I should just create single area of highway=pedestrian and put the building=roof over it or what. Also, the roof doesn't render as a building, but as a white pedestrian area. I think if it is tagged at building=roof, I should ask -carto to render it as a building, but it logically remains a footpath as well.  

I'm unsure of how to tag it all. I assume I have made a mistake mixing pedestrian and footway tags. 

2) what is the best practices for tracing sidewalks? when following a sidewalk along a road, and you reach an intersection, does the footpath way cross the road via the sidewalk (continuing along the road, or does it turn the corner, following the sidewalk encompassing the block, and the sidewalks are separate ways ( rather than a node)  that join disparate footpaths at the corners of the intersection? 

This is an intersection mapped with footpaths following the sidewalks around the block, with sidewalk ways connecting the corners at the intersection. 

I'm guessing for simplicity, the way follows the street through the intersections, but to map the sidewalk as a way would require segmentation of the ways anyways, so following the sidewalk around the corner seems to be a cleaner choice, especially with the heavy paint work here in Japan for sidewalks. 


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