[Tagging] How to tag an imaginary oneway barrier

Martin Koppenhöfer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 10:40:36 UTC 2014

Am 01.02.2014 um 10:05 schrieb Pee Wee <piewie32 at gmail.com>:

> 1 Cut the way where the sign is and use a relation type : restriction. 
> 2 Add a node on the way where the sign is and add a motorcar:backward=no to this node. (similar to traffic_sign:forward on a node that is part of a way)
> 3 Cut the way where the sign is into a tiny piece of way.  Add a motorcar:backward =no  to this tiny piece of way.

1 seems the best representation, 2 is not working because a node has no direction and for 3 I'd rather use oneway=yes instead of motorcar:backward=no.

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